north canterbury bee club

The North Canterbury Beekeepers Club welcomes you. 

If you find a swarm click here to check out out list of people that may be able to help              

We are a group of hobbyist beekeepers based north of Christchurch, New Zealand.        

Some of us have kept bees for many years, others are new to beekeeping.

Whether you currently keep bees, have in the past or just want to know more!,
you are welcome to come along.  We like to meet and learn from one another in a
social atmosphere.

Swarming season is almost over but you should still be checking for swarm cells every 10-14 days, swarms made now will have a hard time getting strong enough to over winter.

Financial members can join here on Facebook too.

If you want to be part of the phoning and contacts list, it is available to financial members that have opted in. Please contact the secretary for your copy.

Hive Days:

The dates for our Hive meetings are from August to April inclusive.
May, June and July meetings are TBA and weather dependent.

Our regular Hive Day is on the second Sunday of the month.

Meetings will normally be at the property of

Olly Glintmeyer, 176 Giles Road, Clarkville.
This is where we have our club hives and extractor.

Please note changed times

Next Sunday Meetings: 14th April,  at Olly's place

First years  10.00 - 12.30: 
Hands on experience - opening hives for seasonal checks.

Lesson 10:  Wintering down, bee biology, native bees, bumble bees.

00 Lesson plan for 22 lessons - Google Docs You can bring lunch for 12.30pm.  Tea, coffee and bikkies available free.

Second years  1pm till about 3pm
Hands on experience - opening hives for seasonal checks

Lesson 21: Different hive types and histories, benefits and issues.

Evening QnA:  Our regular evening meeting night is 10 days after Hive Day.

Next evening meeting: 20th March - 7pm at Bruce Walkers place, 423 Mt Thomas rd, Fernside   Oxalic acid strips made by the club will be available.

Speaker Chantel Rich, Apiculture Officer from Asure Quality.  She will speak on your responsibilities as a beekeeper - administration obligations, relevant paper work requirements, etc.


$25 for individuals or $40 per family for 12 months starting in August. A membership application form can be downloaded here and emailed to the secretary.

A lesson sign up form can be downloaded here and emailed to the secretary.

- Direct Credit to: Kiwibank, 38-9018-0175002-00, Nth Canterbury Beekeepers Club.
         Use your first initial, last name and item being payed for as reference. eg. NHobson sugar
- Cash, on one of our hive days or evening meetings to Noeline Hobson or Don Weaver.

Financial members benefit from;
- The club library, a wide variety of books on beekeeping, pests and diseases. Please sign out and sign back in any books you borrow.
- Access to the club's 4 frame extractor. Please do not pull the the extractor apart to clean it after you use it. Let it drain and then Olly will clean it as necessary.
- Discounted items such as sugar for feed in Autumn.
(By prior arrangement and payment)
- Access to a workshop for making/assembling hive parts during winter months. (By prior arrangement and at Olly's discretion)
- Our club news letter, sent out the first Sunday of each month.
- A great group to hang out with, ask questions of and share with.

A copy of the latest version of the club's constitution is available here by searching for the organisation number 2650171 in the Incorporated Societies Register.
Alternatively you can download the Google Doc version here   (This gives you the latest version with the changes highlighted)

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